Partnership Zone School Profile: Positive Outcomes Charter School

September 15th, 2010

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Positive Outcomes, the only charter school chosen to participate in the statewide Partnership Zone Initiative, is located in Camden, Delaware.  Positive Outcomes predominately serves students in grades 7-12 with special needs from Kent County.  The school has small class sizes and offers personalized instruction to all of its students. 

Based on 2010 DSTP Results, Positive Outcome students:

·         Demonstrated the second lowest proficiency averages statewide in ELA and mathematics,  outperforming Moyer Academy; and

·         Demonstrated noteworthy declines over the past three years compared to their peers around the state. 

Positive Outcomes has not made AYP for two consecutive years and is under Academic Watch from the Delaware Department of Education.  The Delaware Department of Education has continually renewed their charter since the school was founded in 1996; the charter outlines the school’s mission to serve a unique student population.  Ultimately, all schools are held to the same standard under No Child Left Behind. 

Positive Outcomes has an extremely unique opportunity to better the academic outcomes of its students.  All community stakeholders, including students, parents, and staff, have built a school tailored to a specific student population.  This intense involvement of all parties should be maximized during both the negotiation and implementation processes to ensure that this vision remains intact.  If stakeholders can come together and effectively determine how to maximize the infusion of additional resources, the school should begin to see more rigorous instructional practices throughout all classrooms and increased student learning. 

According to their website, the Positive Outcomes Board of Directors is meeting on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 at 5:30 in the computer lab. 

This blog is the last in a four part series detailing the four schools that have been chosen for the Partnership Zone Initiative.  Read parts one, two, and three.

Brett Turner



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