Rousing “Rabble” Around the Country

September 17th, 2010

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This week, the PIE-Network (PIEn) released Rabble Rousers Revisited, a comprehensive look at state-based education advocacy organizations across the country and what makes them effective. Rodel Foundation of Delaware has been a member of PIEn for several years, and it has been exciting to watch the energy and strength of each individual organization and the Network as a whole build over that time. Particularly so in the last year, when states like Colorado, Illinois, and Tennessee have emerged as leaders in education reform initiatives, and have relied on the support and expertise of education advocacy orgs in each state to really propel their policies and politics forward.

PIEn Executive Director Suzanne Tacheny Kubach notes that the original “Rabble Rousers” report was named such “with a respect to the nation’s original change makers – leaders such as Adams, Jefferson, and Henry – who were often derided for their efforts to engage regular citizens in shaping the laws that effect them.” Each PIEn member organization could be described as such a “rouser” – working to put the achievement of students first and push on tough choices that will ultimately create the best schools possible. Rodel has felt very fortunate to be a part of this Network, and as this national movement grows — a movement of unprecedented opportunity for significant education reform — there will be increasing power in our numbers as we continue to work together and learn from each other.

Sarah Grunewald



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