School Board Elections Matter

May 4th, 2010

Category: News

Thirteen Delaware school districts will hold elections for at least one seat on their school boards next week.  As Delaware implements its Race to the Top commitments, school districts and their boards will be integrally involved in making sure the districts’ share of those funds, $50+ Million, get spent wisely.  Wisely is the operative word here.  These funds can’t just be used to plug budget gaps, they need to be spent in ways that can have a real impact on student achievement (read more).  It will take a good deal of planning and courage to make sure this opportunity isn’t nickeled and dimed away.

Visit the New Castle, Kent, and Sussex County Department of Elections websites for more information on school board elections, and ask the candidates in your district how they plan to help make the most of the historic Race to the Top opportunity.

Michael Rasmussen



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