Seventy Percent of Delaware High Schools Under Improvement

August 21st, 2009

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Amidst all the test scores and data indicators, there is a startling truth: if you’re a Delaware high school student, your school is probably underperforming—and not just for a few students.

Many will blame NCLB and the state system for classifying schools as “under improvement” because one student did not perform on a test, but most schools are missing a large percentage of their student achievement targets. This is not a problem of classification over one student in one subgroup.  Most schools under improvement missed targets for at least 20% of their subgroups; 19 schools missed at least 40% of their targets, and five schools missed more than 50% of their targets.

This is a major challenge, and we are behind many other states in addressing this growing problem.  Delaware needs an effective and efficient way to turnaround schools, and we need it today.

Find all the data from Delaware DOE here.

Michael Rasmussen



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