So, What Does It All Mean?

September 27th, 2011

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Several years ago one of Delaware’s most distinguished public leaders shared his frustration, “I just can’t get my arms around what’s happening in education.”  There was a lot going on, much seemingly disconnected, and most not easily understood.  For those in the trenches, we see the connections.  For those focused on other things, it may seem a jumble.

So, how could we make sense of it all?

We’ve taken what we think is a helpful step by supporting the work of Content Delaware, a new digital channel that tells “the stories of people, places and best practices” in Delaware.  Rodel’s focus is education, yet there are other channels on health, business, government, the arts, and other topics.

The education channel explains the work underway.  Want to learn about Race to the Top?  The Vision Network? Our new student testing system, DCAS? How about  College and Career Readiness?  Why Flexible School Funding is important?  Or how Delaware is supporting ten chronically low-performing schools through the new Partnership Zone? You’ll hear from our public and private leaders who are supporting this work.  More importantly, you’ll hear from the educators who are engaged every day in making our schools even better.

We’re proud of Content Delaware and its education channel, and look forward to supporting its expansion.  As a Facebook friend recently said, “’Content Delaware’ is a site any state could envy!”


Dori Jacobson



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