Take the Future Ready Pledge

September 30th, 2014

Category: Postsecondary Success

As part of its ConnectED initiative, which seeks to provide 99% of students in the nation with access to high-speed internet connectivity at the classroom level, the White House and the federal Department of Education are asking community members, parents, teachers, school leaders, students, and school administrators to take the Future Ready District Pledge.

By taking the pledge, signers commit to engaging in activities that will help prepare their schools, teachers, students, and communities for the transition to effective digital learning, including the following elements:

  • Fostering and leading a culture of digital learning within our schools.
  • Helping schools and families transition to high-speed connectivity.
  • Empowering educators through professional learning opportunities.
  • Accelerating progress toward universal access for all students to quality devices.
  • Providing access to quality digital content.
  • Offering digital tools to help students and families #ReachHigher (with expanded access to college, career, and citizenship opportunities).
  • Mentoring other districts and helping them transition to digital learning.

The Future Ready Pledge recognizes that transition to digital learning is about more than providing students with devices and/or online content. The points above illustrate how schools and districts can utilize many different resources and opportunities to plan for this transition, including professional development for teachers, seeking advice from other schools and districts, and working with community stakeholders to ensure that students have access to devices and high-speed connectivity both during and after school.

Visit here for more information on the pledge. To show your support, sign the Future Ready Pledge, available here.

Rachel Wiggans Chan




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