The Vision Network expands to 28 schools, 20,000 students

May 14th, 2009

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Yesterday, Vision 2015 announced that seven more schools are joining the Vision Network. These schools—one elementary, three middle, and three high schools—join 21 others that are implementing the principles of Vision 2015 in their classrooms. I had the pleasure of attending a reception last night that celebrated the accomplishments of the Network over the last two years, and the energy in the room was contagious. The educators that are on Vision Network teams—teachers, principals, superintendents, board members, and more—were so eager to share their progress and learn from others. From the districts through to the schools, school improvement efforts geared toward drop-out prevention, family engagement, and strengthening the academic prowess of students are being implemented. Participants noted that the Network is “the best professional development they’ve ever been a part of,” and elected officials and private sector supporters were in the crowd to hear all the excitement. There are now 28 schools in the Network, and those schools serve nearly 20,000 students throughout our state. The new schools that are being added are from districts that have been a part of the Network since the beginning, so clearly they see the value and want more of their schools to get on board. I want to see all Delaware schools have this opportunity. As Secretary Lowery (formerly part of the Network as Christina superintendent) remarked last night, “We have a window of opportunity here in Delaware to do as much as we possibly can for our children. The nation is watching, and the world is watching.” Read more about the Network expansion.

Sarah Grunewald



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