What happens when Superman doesn’t come…

August 4th, 2010

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Five children, five futures. Each hangs in the balance as school officials draw lottery numbers and names. Their hopes…their fears…are palpable. Everything is at stake for Anthony, Bianca, Daisy, Emily and Francisco.

Davis Guggenheim’s new film, Waiting for Superman, follows these five children as they struggle against numerical odds to escape schools that don’t even come close to meeting their needs…poor academics, uninspired educators, lack of individual attention, and rules that perpetuate what doesn’t work for the neediest of our nation’s kids.

The answer for HCZ president Geoff Canada lies in our willingness to reshape the teaching profession—and actually treat it like other professions—with respect, support, and accountability for results. And, for DC Chancellor Michele Rhee, the answer lies in our willingness to change the rules so school and district leaders can intervene aggressively when things aren’t working for kids.

To be released nationally this fall, the film is a must for anyone interested in how our nation’s public schools work and don’t work. The story is clear and illuminating. And, as the filmmakers say, how the story will end comes down to what each of us is willing to do. Waiting for “Superman” to save our kids isn’t enough.

Pledge here to see it; text 77177 to show your support.

Dori Jacobson




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