When 20% equals 100%

May 11th, 2011

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No, that’s not curious math. Rather it’s how Delaware Representative Teresa Schooley underscores her commitment to today’s youth. While children comprise 20% of the state’s population, they are 100% of our state’s future.

Rep. Schooley delivered her remarks Monday evening at the 2011 Scholars Dinner sponsored by Education Secretary Lillian Lowery. Principals throughout Delaware nominated top-ranked graduating high school students on the basis of academics and leadership. Seventy-two were selected and honored by Delaware’s education and political elite, who paid well-deserved tribute to the students’ families, principals and superintendents, as well.

It was an appropriate bookend to a day that began with Rep. Schooley’s presentation of “Kids Count in Delaware.” Among other statistics, the report noted Delaware’s extraordinarily large gap between the percentage of African American and white students who graduate from college within six years (41% for African Americans, 73% for whites). Yet, as we think about the challenges confronting our children and youth, it’s just as gratifying to see such excellence in our schools. To each of these scholars, we applaud your success. As we often say at Rodel, “education is life’s transportation.” To each of you, we hope you’ll keep your sights on the road that matters, keep your momentum up (no speeding or texting, though), and enjoy the journey. Congratulations.

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Dori Jacobson