Will public education matter in the mid-term elections?

October 1st, 2010

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Most of the talk on the campaign trail this year has been about jobs, but the once-slumbering conversation about our public education system is rearing its head, as it should.  Education is, of course, the key to more and better jobs in the future.  The conversation got a boost this week nationally through Education Nation, and it took center stage in Delaware as Vision 2015 hosted its third annual conference, “Delaware’s Race to Deliver.”

With the mid-term elections heating up, it’s time for every voter to add their voice.  Who will earn your vote, and will public education matter?

Q:  What can YOU do to make sure that public education is a priority for candidates this year?
A:  Ask them!   Ask them what they will do to improve our schools today to prepare our students for college and careers tomorrow.

We put together a few questions to get you started. Print them out and take them with you to public meetings and debates over the next month.  Then let us know what you hear.

Jobs are important, but being ready for whatever jobs tomorrow holds is even more important.


Michael Rasmussen




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