You Asked… How You Can Make An Impact

June 2nd, 2011

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One of the best things we hear from people – and we hear it a lot – is that they are excited about all the work being done in Delaware to create world-class schools, and they want to get involved. So we’ve taken a crack at compiling a list of opportunities to share your time, talents, and other resources. Delaware’s public education community is vibrant and robust and this document outlines some potential opportunities for involvement.

Here’s just a snapshot of how you can contribute:

  • Be a leader! Run for a school board, serve on a charter school board or specialty committee, or serve on a nonprofit board or advisory committee.
  • Spread the word! Stay informed about the critical issues and major successes of public education reform, and help build awareness among the public and elected officials.
  • Give! Whether it is your time, skills, or financial resources, there are a lot of ways to connect to schools and organizations in need.

There are certainly countless other avenues, and we’d be grateful to learn about other ideas. Add these ideas and information about opportunities as a comment to this blog.

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