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March 19th, 2012

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This blog post was written by Sara Brosious, winner of our “Name the Campaign,” an initiative to seek public input to name our recognition campaign.

Hi, I’m Sara: mom, teacher, wife, and creator of the name of Rodel Foundation of Delaware’s recognition program iEducate Delaware.  Teaching and learning have always been a core element in my life.  As a child, I was an eager student, and I was so proud to be the daughter of a beloved elementary school teacher.   Some of my earliest memories are helping my mother prepare her first grade classroom and reading books from her library shelves.  My choice to become a public high school Spanish teacher reflects how my love of learning influenced my decision to continue to ignite and inspire the next generation of learners.  My own daughter is just a year and a half old, and our family is paying very close attention to the performance of our local school district for her and all of the children in Delaware.

The process of brainstorming to come up with the name iEducate Delaware was an interesting challenge.  I knew that the goal of the award is to give recognition to awesome people working at maximum levels to inspire students.   Trying to extract all that teachers and supporters of students do and put the numerous elements into one statement was difficult.  It took a lot of word play, and I’ll be honest….iheartradio had a little to do with the creative process.

The name iEducate Delaware is clean and simple.  My hope was to be inclusive of all people working in the school environment who dedicate their time to help students excel in Delaware’s public schools.  iEducate Delaware also reflects the digital moment that currently engages education, the world of technology and 21st Century learning.  In addition, the letter I is intended to mean inspire or ignite, but the literal meaning includes the first person singular “I” and is meant to celebrate the pride that strong leaders feel for not only their schools, but also the role they play in the process of educating the children of our state.

As a teacher, it is exciting to hear that this award will elevate the work that fabulous educators are doing.  There are so many stories that I hear about wonderful experiences in the classroom, but usually these moments are broadcast within the realm of education.  This award will help to publicize the heart of learning behind those wonderful moments –the people in our state who inspire excellence!

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