Proposal to Expand Developmental Screenings Would Mean More Children Getting Early Attention

May 21st, 2021

Author: Matt Amis

Babies aren’t born with instructions. Thankfully, developmental screenings help parents and families understand key milestones in their young children’s lives. Screenings tell us what young children should―and should not―be able to do by a certain age, and provide clues on whether a child might need special intervention or...

Delaware Continues to Untangle Its Early Childhood Governance

May 20th, 2021

Author: Kelsey Mensch

As advocates and experts have noted, Delaware’s early childhood governance is fragmented, leading to an inefficient and complex system for families and professionals to navigate. Over the past decade, Delaware made progress on consolidating, streamlining, and simplifying the many governing bodies that manage early childhood services...

The School-Based Health Center Boom Might Soon Be Upon Us 

May 19th, 2021

Author: Matt Amis

Student health and wellness was an emerging topic even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Now it’s a top concern for families and education leaders alike.   House Bill 129, introduced by Rep. Kim Williams in state legislature last week, would build on the state’s existing network of school-based health centers by requiring...

Finally, On a Path to a Holistic Funding Fix. What House Concurrent Resolution 24 Could Mean

May 19th, 2021

Author: Matt Amis

When a high-stakes lawsuit over Delaware’s school funding system settled last fall, advocates said it didn’t go far enough. Now, at least 24 legislators agree Delaware must do more, including majorities of Senate and House Education Committees, the majority of the Legislative Black Caucus, and caucus leaders in both Chambers. A new...
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