Career Pathways Have Been a Major Success in Delaware—How Can We Make them Even Better?

September 22nd, 2023

Author: Paul Herdman

Delaware and its system of career pathways are the subject of a new case study presented by Bellwether Education Partners, Inc. As we’ve written here before, Delaware Pathways has been recognized as one of the best systems in the country at preparing young people for life after graduation. Other states have looked to Delaware to learn...

We’re Hiring: Development Manager

September 15th, 2023

Author: Rodel

Rodel is hiring! Job title: Development Manager Summary: At Rodel, we partner with national and local funders to co-invest with us to improve the lives of all Delawareans. To that end, we seek a Development Manager who will serve as the engine of our efforts to fundraise in support of the priorities—postsecondary success, funding...

Career Pathways in a Rapidly Changing World: A Look at Scotland

September 13th, 2023

Author: Paul Herdman

Part 2: A Look at Scotland I’m happy to share the newest post from Scotland on career pathways in a rapidly changing world. This blog, published in partnership with the OECD, focuses on Scotland, where I learned about a relatively new approach called Foundation Apprenticeships. Earlier posts in this series include my podcast with the...

White House Nomination to Support STEM

September 11th, 2023

Author: Paul Herdman

I was honored and pleased to be asked by the Biden Administration to join the board of the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Fund. The formal press release is here, but in short, should I be confirmed, I would take on a voluntary role on this federally-funded scholarship program designed to advance Science, Technology, Engineering and Math...
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