November 8, 2012

November 8th, 2012

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San Francisco Chronicle
Prop. 30 wins, Prop. 38 flames out
California will avoid deep spending cuts—nearly $6 billion—to public schools and universities after voters handed Governor Jerry Brown’s signature tax measure a decisive victory. Proposition 30 will raise the sales tax by one penny for every $4 spent for four years, while increasing the income tax on the state’s highest earners for seven years.

Idaho Statesman
Voters soundly reject education reform laws
Idahoans repealed the Students Come First laws that dominated Governor Butch Otter and Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna’s agenda the past two years. Fifty-seven percent opposed restrictions on teachers unions in Prop 1; 58% voted no on Prop 2, which paid teacher bonuses based on student test scores and other measures; and 67% rejected a mandate for laptops and online credits for high school students.

Sioux Falls Argus-Leader
Education reform law turned back
South Dakota voters rejected Governor Dennis Daugaard’s education reform law, which sought to overhaul how teachers are evaluated, rewarded, and offered tenure. Daugaard promised to hand out bonuses to competent math and science teachers, college scholarships for those who take hard-to-fill teaching jobs, and bonuses for top-rated teachers. But half of every teacher’s rating was to be based on student achievement.

Washington Post
Maryland college presidents praise Dream Act victory
Maryland voters approved Question 4 with a 58% majority choosing to uphold the 2011 state law known as the Dream Act. The law sets a path for undocumented students to obtain in-state tuition rates if they attended a Maryland high school for three years, meet various other conditions, and go first to community college. Maryland is the first state to approve such a law through legislation and a popular vote. About 12 states have similar laws and policies.

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