July 1, 2013

July 1st, 2013

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Local News

The News Journal
UD students mentor young college hopefuls
Kevin Cramer is one of 30 Wilmington students getting help with their college applications as part of the Academic Support Program Inspiring Renaissance Educators (ASPIRE) this summer at the University of Delaware. The program pairs undergraduate students in public policy and education with hopeful first-generation college students.

National News

Education News
NYC’s top education officials not subject to formal review
Although New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg fought a pitched battle with education leaders and unions to implement a tough teacher and principal evaluation program, according to Lisa Fleisher of The Wall Street Journal, the accountability zeal didn’t reach the top administrative layer of the city’s Department of Education. When queried about the lack of a formal review process in the Department, Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said that a formal review process wasn’t necessary because he personally assesses his staff on a daily basis.

Duncan delivers fiery speech defending Common Core
US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has delivered a speech in front of the American Society for Newspaper Editors billed as a vigorous defense of the Common Core Standards. Since the standards were first published, 45 states and the District of Columbia have committed to adopting them, but now a growing number of lawmakers and educators are taking a step back, including some, like South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who are considering dropping their commitment to Common Core altogether.

The Washington Post
D.C. to overhaul ninth grade, separating out students who failed
D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson plans to overhaul the city’s approach to ninth-grade education, separating out students who have already failed the first year of high school from impressionable incoming freshmen. School officials hope the move will insulate new ninth-graders from the influence of older classmates who have begun to disengage from school..

The New York Times
At retooled summer schools, creativity, not just catch-up
According to the National Summer Learning Association, a nonprofit group, 25 of the country’s largest school districts — including Charlotte, N.C.; Cincinnati; Oakland, Calif.; Pittsburgh; and Providence, R.I. — have developed summer school programs that move beyond the traditional remedial model.

Education Week
K-12 districts, groups turn to mobile ‘crowdsourcing’ to solve problems
California’s Poway Unified School District tried an experiment this year: district officials used crowdsourcing to find the best and most innovative ways to improve safety and security in the district. Using a sophisticated online platform, open to all of Poway’s 4,000 employees and accessible via cellphones, tablets, PCs, and other digital devices, the district challenged staff members to contribute, discuss, and evaluate new ideas for keeping staff members and students safe and secure.

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