Graduation Requirements Increase, But Do Not Reach National Standards

May 13th, 2011

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The Secretary of Education recently proposed regulatory changes, subject to approval at the May 19 State Board of Education meeting, that would increase the coursework requirements for Delaware high school graduation – which is something Delaware has debated– and postponed–implementing for years.

The more rigorous graduation requirements, which will gradually phase in over two years, ensure students take four credits of math, two foreign language classes, biology, and English II. 

These requirements, however, are only equivalent to the admissions standards for Delaware State University.  If a public school student wanted to attend the University of Delaware, the diploma earned from a high school would meet their minimum requirements– but fail to lift them up to the level that almost guarantees admission based on UD’s Commitment to Delawareans . This Commitment is based on the University’s college readiness.  

If the Board approves this policy, Delaware will be closer to meeting the requirements outlined by UD’s Commitment – but still will have a way to go.  We would still need students to  complete one more year of science, one more year of social science (requiring world history), and two more years of a foreign language.  Once we do that, every student that graduates from a high school with a diploma will know that they are ready to pursue higher education opportunities at our state’s most prestigious public institution.  

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