October 11, 2017

October 11th, 2017

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Delaware News

Delaware Department of Education
Press release
Delaware 2018 Teacher of the Year to be named
One of 20 outstanding public school teachers from across the state will be named Delaware’s 2018 Teacher of the Year a week from tonight. Selected from among the more than 9,000 public school teachers in the state, the nominees each represent one of the state’s 19 school districts and network of charter schools.

The News Journal
Opinion by Larry W. Gracie
Extra-curricular activities are important: Letters to the Editor
I believe “out of class” or co-curriculum programs added a significant contribution to my education while at Dickinson. Public schools everywhere are making arduous decisions on the allocation of limited resources in the formations of our future citizens. I learned a great deal from game losses and losing school records/seasons.

Rodel Foundation of Delaware
Blog post by Shyanne Miller, policy associate
Treating the cause, not the symptoms: what education can learn from the social determinants of health
Individual behaviors play a role in educational outcomes, but inequitable social and economic factors loom even larger.

‘You’re saving lives here’: Red Clay, atTAcK addiction working to open Delaware’s first recovery high school
All of Delaware’s districts have begun providing wrap-around services to educate a whole child, but they’ve failed in one big way: substance abuse treatment. And they know it, which is why Red Clay now wants to step up and add that dimension to its offerings to help students. Daugherty, the district superintendent, wants to create the state’s first recovery high school.

National News

School funding formula ruled unconstitutional in Kansas
The Kansas Supreme Court ruled Monday that the state’s new school finance system is unconstitutional, striking a definitive blow to the Legislature’s latest effort. The ruling also ordered a fairer distribution of state funding to ensure that students in poor districts have the same educational opportunities as their peers in wealthier communities.

The Hechinger Report
STUDENT VOICES: Teachers put you in situations to make you stronger
Interview with Charles Cooper, 11th-grader at W.B. Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences in Philadelphia
On Mondays and Friday, all the IEP kids in 11th and 12th grade come together in advisory. We meet, and we talk about what we need to improve on, and what we need to do to keep working. Every October my parents come in for a meeting and we talk about the IEP, they sign papers, and I will take a test to see where I’m at, like, my math level and reading level. I’m getting better at grasping stuff, and it doesn’t take me a while to get it down. Once I know something, I got it.

The New York Times
10% of New York City public school students were homeless last year
The upheaval in the home lives of students in temporary housing often follows them into school. Many of them frequently change schools as they bounce from one temporary living situation to another. Many are placed in shelters far from their original school, which means they must either transfer midyear or commute long distances each day. Many students regularly arrive late or miss days of school altogether.

Seattle Times
Washington’s Running Start program a national standout, study says
“Washington overall does extremely well, relative to the national average,” said Davis Jenkins, a senior research scholar with Community College Research Center (CCRC) at Teachers College, Columbia University, which conducted the study of Running Start and similar dual-enrollment programs in other states. Running Start is the predominant dual-credit program in this state. It essentially gives high-school students a head start on college by allowing them to enroll in community-college classes for free during their junior and senior years. Some students are able to finish out their high-school years in college classrooms, leaving with a diploma and an associate degree.

Rodel Foundation of Delaware


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