A Teacher Who Made A Difference: Representative Stephanie T. Bolden

May 8th, 2012

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Henry Brooks Adams states, “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops”.  Representative Stephanie T. Bolden influenced my success. As a teacher, she was caring and sensitive to the needs of students.  She also knew when students needed a little push. I was always a strong average, well-mannered student, but Ms. Bolden knew that I was not working to my potential.  Prior to the distribution of report cards, Ms. Bolden asked me to step into her office. She showed me my grades and shared her expectations for my future.  I walked away from this conference knowing that my teacher (Representative Bolden) was disappointed in my efforts.   I had the potential to become anything that I wanted to be and that the only person stopping me was me!  As obvious as that fact may seem, it caused me at the age of 16 to view life in a different manner.

Ms. Bolden (Representative Bolden), like many other Delaware teachers represented the highest ideals of teaching. Teachers richly deserve recognition and accolades for their excellence, enthusiasm, and concern.  They consistently demonstrate that high expectations bring high performance.  As teachers we don’t strive for good…we strive for excellence.

The Rodel Foundation‘s iEducate Delaware initiative recognizes individuals like Ms. Bolden (Representative Bolden), who are influencing the lives of our children.  This initiative recognizes educators, community leaders, and legislators who demonstrate leadership in creating world-class schools in Delaware. Honorees will have their stories published and receive $2,000 toward the education-related cause of their choice.  If you know someone who has made a great contribution to our schools and has not been recognized broadly for his/her efforts, please nominate them by clicking here.

Delaware is working together to create College and Career Ready students!

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