July 29, 2013

July 29th, 2013

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Local News

The News Journal Moyer school officials working to avoid closing As state education officials work to bring The New Moyer Academy charter school in Wilmington out of violation of its charter, school leaders say they’re making significant strides and arguing that concerns about its teaching and finances are being blown out of proportion. Early learners focused on foreign language This month, Downes Elementary School is offering a program free of charge focusing on speaking and learning Chinsese. The program is funded by STARTALK, which is part of an effort by the federal government to fill a shortage of workers fluent in languages spoken in places where the U.S. has diplomatic or national security interests. Those languages include Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Russian and Turkish, among others. The program at Downes Elementary also fits into a statewide push by Gov. Jack Markell’s administration to increase foreign language immersion programs. Lawmakers flunk charter reform test An opinion by Representative John Kowalko HB 165 failed to improve existing law and, in fact, allows for a worsening of disparities that will cause longstanding harm to our public school system. Before I withdrew my name from sponsorship of this bill, I offered a multi-pronged reform approach to ensure stability and accountability for charter schools that would also enhance the quality and accessibility of various options for all children who wish to attend public schools in Delaware. Language fluency for students imperative for new world A letter to the editor by Kathy Laskowski, Board Member, Academia Antonia Alonso Schools in Delaware are striving to provide world-class education for all students. Currently students have the opportunity to learn some subject matter in Greek at Odyssey Charter School in Wilmington, and in Spanish at Aspira Academy in Newark. In August 2014, Academia Antonia Alonso, a full immersion dual language (Spanish/English) school, will open in Wilmington. In this charter school, children will learn to speak, read and write in English and Spanish, becoming fully bilingual with a strong biliterate academic and cultural foundation. Content Delaware Vision Network of Delaware A video The Vision Network is composed of schools throughout Delaware that aim to propel student achievement through improved leadership, classroom instruction, and school culture, and they are sharing best practices with one another at district and school levels.

National News

Philadelphia Inquirer SRC rehires music teachers, secretaries, restores sports The Philadelphia School District will use $33 million in savings and new funding to recall laid-off music teachers and school secretaries, and restore fall sports programs that had been axed. “Now we plan to use the revenue that we believe is available to get schools ready” for opening Sept. 9, Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. said during a special School Reform Commission meeting Friday. Stateline States reform college remedial education Several states are pursuing reforms to address remedial education students’ lack of success. Some states are demanding that colleges provide extra help to students as they take regular classes for credit. A new Florida law will allow many students to skip developmental classes and enroll in college-level courses. Critics are concerned that scaling back remedial education could leave some students unprepared. National Public Radio Teachers hit the books to master new education standards The Common Core will soon apply to most of America’s students, and policymakers behind the standards know that teachers will need help to make the change. Maryland has been hosting summer “academies” to do just that. Teachers are being taught new best practices to ensure that their students are ready for the standards and related tests. Diverse Issues in Education ETS explores the link between poverty and education To change the life trajectory of low-income children, more attention must be given to crafting policies that increase their likelihood for academic success, according to an Educational Testing Service report. The report offers recommendations to improve their educational outcomes, such as raising the quality of the teacher workforce and reducing isolation and segregation along racial, ethnic, and income lines.

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